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Angela Walker

Angela Walker

Angela Walker

Angela is an ultra distance cyclist and loves taking on epic adventures by bike. She is also an advocate for active travel and has given up her car in favour of travelling everywhere by bicycle.

“I like the way that the world looks when you view it from a bicycle. When you ride somewhere by bike, the route you choose to travel becomes just as important, if not more, than the place you end up.”

In 2017, Angela and Julie entered the Transcontinental Race and became the first female pair to complete the course. Starting from Belgium they cycled for 20 days to reach the finish in Meteora in Greece.

In 2019, Angela will be taking part in the first TransPyrenees Race. Riders will compete to cycle from the Bay of Biscay to the Cap de Creus and back again – a total of 1500km across the Pyrenees in just 5 days!

Angela has also created her own smaller version of a self-supported ultra distance cycling event – All Points North.

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Angela Walker

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