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Frequently Asked Questions

How fit do I need to be?

Completing a multi-day cycle tour is an endurance event and there is no question the fitter you are the more you will cope with and enjoy your holiday. You should prepare for your trip by gradually building up your mileages until you can comfortably cycle 50 to 60 miles in a day.

We grade our trips from Easy to Moderate to Hard and the trip descriptions should indicate the level of fitness and experience required.

Can you advise me on pre-tour training?

Yes we can, we will send you a suggested training schedule and some notes on nutrition.

What sort of cyclists come on your tours?

We have a mixture, from the keen club cyclist through to the newcomer looking for a challenge, and a range of ages from teens to 70+.

How fast do we travel?

A touring cyclist will travel at around 10 to 12 miles per hour. So if a day’s ride is 60 miles you can expect to be cycling for a round 5 to 6 hours, plus food and rest stops.

Land's End to John O'Groats - how hilly is it?

From start to finish you will encounter hills. Bjork has fifty words for snow, we have fifty words for hills. Short and sharp, long and sharp, grinders, Welsh pulls, Scottish gruellers, nippers, big uns, little uns, undulations, long downhillers, blighters, belly busters and of course General Wade’s. In fairness, some of the stages are long and not too hilly but there is never a day without hills! We like to think that for every big hill there is a downhill, ying and yang.

Do I need an expensive bike?

Absolutely not.  A well maintained tourer or commuter bike will be just as suitable on most of our trips as a top of the range road bike. However for the trips with a lot of climbing a lightweight roadie will make it easier!
Note that because our tours are designed to take in some of the best scenery we can find and also to avoid traffic wherever possible we use cycle paths wherever we can. This sometime means a forest trail or gravelly path.

What about clothing?

We are also totally relaxed about clothing for cycling; we don’t believe that you need the full lycra kit to enjoy a day on the bike. Although we do like a bit of Rapha we reckon you’ll be fine in a t-shirt, shorts, trainers and a good waterproof jacket.

Do you take newcomers to cycling on your tours?

Certainly. Most of our trips will be suitable for beginners or returners to cycling looking to complete a long distance tour at a relaxed pace.

How do the lunches work?

We supply pre-packed sandwiches and snacks at the start of the day so you can choose exactly where and when you wish to eat. From time to time we may arrange a cafe stop rather than sandwiches.

What sort of accommodation do you use?

Where possible we like to use locally run hotels and hostels however we also stay in chain hotels such as Premier Inns and Holiday Inns.

How much luggage should I bring?

Please bring no more than 15kg of luggage preferably in a soft, trek or duffel type bag rather than a hard suitcase as they makes it easier to stow in our vehicle.

We accept no responsibility for damage to laptops, cameras or other valuable items while they are being transported. If you are bringing valuable items please make sure they are adequately protected and check with your insurer that these items are covered for accidental damage/theft while on holiday.

Mechanicals and should I bring some spare parts for my bike?

If you suffer a mechanical breakdown which can’t be repaired roadside, we will loan you a spare bike and get your bike into the nearest cycle shop for repair (at your expense). It is worth bringing the appropriately sized speedlink for your chain (8, 9 or 10) as well as three or four spare inner tubes. If you ride with plastic cleats then a spare set will come in very handy. Please ensure that you can repair a puncture and replace an inner tube before joining our tours.

Can I cycle at my own pace?

Of course, it’s your holiday and you can cycle as quickly or as slowly as you wish commensurate with being safe. So if it is looking like you won’t reach the accommodation before dark and we consider that a danger then we will insist on you being picked up by our support vehicle.

Do you supply GPX Files?

We have GPX files to all our routes which we will supply. These are offered as a navigational aid only, the exact route for the holiday will be determined by your cycling guide and may alter from that planned due to changed circumstances.