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Meet Our Guides

These are the people who make your ride an enjoyable and safe experience, whether in the UK, mainland Europe or in far-off destinations in Asia. Our guides work closely with the back office staff to ensure your trip runs as smoothly as possible.

Meet our Guides

Meet our guides – responsible for leading tours and creating the best experience possible.

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All the team are dedicated to providing an exciting, unique holiday where you will be fully supported and guided throughout. We adapt to your needs and preferences whenever possible – contact us and we’ll do our best.

With a maximum number of 12 guests for each tour, we ensure that you receive a personalised and welcoming adventure with us.


Ken Woodhouse

Ken is a lifelong cyclist who uses his bike for work, transport and leisure.

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Tori Gray

Tori is a UK Cycling Qualified Cycle Tour Leader and has been guiding our Pedal Nation tours since 2016.

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Angela Walker

Angela Walker

Angela loves riding her bike a very long way and has completed some epic events such as the Transcontintenal.

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Sanjiv is our long-serving and ever popular cycling specialist in India.

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