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The Road to Vienna

The Road to Vienna

£2,245 per person

Grade 3 Cycle TourIntroduction

The Road to Vienna tour is aimed at any cyclist wanting to enjoy the delights of summer cycling. You will experience added luxury with full support, luggage transfer and lunches provided.

We’ve selected some interesting and historic locations for our overnight stays. For example: Tilburg, Koblenz, Mainz, Wurzburg, Nuremberg, Passau, Linz. As well as the atmospheric nightly stops the day to day cycling will be exceptional.

Included in the price (based on two people sharing) is the ferry crossing from Harwich to the Netherlands, all accommodation, breakfast and lunch each day. Additionally, you will have your luggage transferred in our support van to each location and we provide assistance for any minor mechanical issues. If we can’t repair it on the trail, we’ll get your bike to a local repair shop – and ride our spare bike in the meantime.


First on journey we will be crossing the Netherlands and cycling along the banks of two of Europe’s great rivers, the Rhine and the Danube. Our first encounter with the Rhine is where we follow a section of the EuroVelo 15 . We will cycle this route between Bonn and Mainz; this stage of our journey promises some exceptional cycling, with views of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley (a dedicated a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

We then leave the Rhine near Mainz and cycle across country to reach the River Danube, where we join EuroVelo 6  (a long distance bicycle path which runs from the Atlantic to the Black Sea). The cycle path follows the river downstream and the cycling will be relaxed, easy and importantly on dedicated cycle paths away from the traffic.

The EuroVelo 6 will take us from Regensburg all the way to our destination in Vienna. You should expect to see picturesque towns and villages, birdlife, lush forests, working boats and the Danube in all her glory.



  • Cycling through Cologne, Frankfurt, Regensburg, Vienna
  • Cycling along Rhine, Maine River
  • Danube cycle path
  • Wachau valley


Your accommodation, on a twin share bed and breakfast basis, will be in hotels, typically chain hotels, along with carefully selected family run hotels and good quality bed and breakfasts. NB Single accommodation is available for a supplement of £475


The hotels will provide breakfast whilst the support team will provide a pack-up lunch, this will depend on what is available on the day and could include a mix of fresh sandwiches, pasties or easy grab and bites sourced from local bakeries. If weather doesn’t permit outdoors we will get into cafes for quick lunch.

​You will need to purchase your own evening meals, which are usually eaten communally although of course you are free to opt out if you wish.

We will carry emergency energy gels and bars in the support van but you are advised to bring along your own preferred sports nutrition to fuel your ride. There will be water refills, fruits bars etc provided to keep you hydrated.

In the Tour Plan, (B, L, D) refers to meals included in the trip cost i.e. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Bike Transfers

We will happily transport your bike to Harwich and back from Vienna at no extra charge. If you drop your bike off at our Sheffield office up to a day before departure we will carefully pack it in the support van, drive it to the start and then return it to Sheffield ready for you to collect.

If that isn’t convenient then depending where you live we may be able to collect your bike on our journey from Sheffield to Harwich. Please get in touch with us to discuss arrangements, any other arrangements will be for an agreed fee.

While we will take all reasonable care while handling your bikes, using padded covers and making sure they are securely stored, we are not liable for any loss or damage during transportation and storage. We recommend you have appropriate insurance.

Taking your bikes to the continent, As we are no longer part of the EU customs unions, any bike we transport to Europe requires an ATA Carnet which incurs a fee of £40 per bike. This cost will be added to your invoice.

Tour Plan

The route of this tour is flexible and should be seen as a guide only. Local conditions, weather or fitness could lead to changes in our daily plans. All times and distances are approximate. Download The Road to Vienna Itinerary

15 days of cycling
Approx 880 miles Age
  • Destination
  • Depart from
    Harwich International Port, Essex
  • Return from
    Vienna, Austria
  • Road surfaces
    Mostly flat with occasional hill. Mostly on cycle paths (expect gravel), roads near cities.
  • Bike Type
    Hybrid / Tourer / Road bike with tyres 26mm or above
  • Included
    The Road to Vienna
    Cycling guide
    GPX files
    Vehicle support
    Baggage transfer
  • Not Included
    Domestic flights
    Evening meals (unless specified)
    Bike hire
    Travel to start & from finish
    International flights
    Airport transfers
    Travel insurance
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    Cookie Policy (US)
Arrival Day - Meet at Harwich International Port
In the early evening (5.30pm) we will meet at the ferry port ready for our departure to the Continent.
Cycle from The Hook of Holland to Tilburg
70 miles (113km)
We will be taking one of the numerous cycle paths that lead from the town and making progress to the west of Rotterdam through Barendrecht and out into the countryside before finally arriving into Tilburg. The first full day of our tour is a long one, we will be in the saddle for around 7 to 8 hours. Clients can rest assured that although the distance is lengthy the terrain in the Netherlands is flat and the cycling easy. On the first night of the tour we will be staying in the landlocked Dutch city of Tilburg, famous as the wool capital of the Netherlands. (B,L)
Cycle from Tilburg to Roermond
78 miles (126km)
Today we will be pedalling for 78miles from Tilburg to Roermond, traversing the city of Eindhoven and onwards to the south­east. We will again be spoilt with some immaculate cycle paths, which are an intrinsic part of the amazing Dutch cycling infrastructure. The cycling will also find us in beautiful areas of heath, moorland and meadows, which surround Roermond, an old atmospheric town situated on the banks of the Meuse, Roer and Swaim and a very short distance from the Maasplassen Lake District. (B,L)
Cycle from Roermond to Cologne
77 miles (124km)
Once again the cycling is flat and easy and after a few miles from Roermond we will be crossing the border into Germany and continuing to the south east. As we progress we will eventually get first sight of the River Rhine and then the towering spires of Cologne Cathedral. The cycling into Cologne is really enjoyable with the River Rhine to the left, the massive and impressive Ford Factory to the right and the historic city of Cologne ahead. We traverse Cologne, hugging the river bank on the traffic free cycle path before stopping for the evening in the city centre. (B,L)
Cycle from Cologne to Koblenz
61 miles (98km)
After our previous efforts in traversing the Netherlands and crossing into Germany our route for today will feature some epic cycling along the banks of the River Rhine, which provides a spectacular backdrop. The route we are taking is laced with history and we will be cycling through Bonn the former capital of West Germany. The Rhine will be a constant feature of the journey south east to our destination at Koblenz, a city which straddles both banks of the Rhine and situates at the confluence of the river Moselle. (B,L)
Cycle from Koblenz to Mainz
63 miles (101km)
After a pleasant evening in Koblenz we will be departing the city and cycling along the banks of the Rhine for our  journey to Mainz. Today should prove to be a memorable journey, as we will be cycling along the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, which has been given Unesco World Heritage Site status in recognition of its role as one of the most historically important trading routes in Europe. The day’s cycling will be made against a backdrop of castles, historic towns and vineyards. For two millennia the Upper Middle Rhine Valley has been at the fulcrum of cultural exchanges between the Mediterranean region and northern Europe and there have been settlements along this part of the Rhine since the last Ice Age. The Romans ruled for a period in the 1 st century BCE leaving a military road used to link their fortresses and at one time it was at the very heart of the Holy Roman Empire. In later years it was an area rich in folklore and legend and favoured by poets, writers and composers. As the decades have passed trading has declined and in the 21 st Century the main economic activity is tourism. With a fair wind and good weather we should arrive in Mainz with enough spare time to enjoy a stroll to a local beer hall. (B,L)
Cycle from Mainz to Aschaffenburg
62 miles (100km)
It will be hard to better yesterdays ride however as we push onwards we will be leaving Mainz, crossing the Rhine and following the cycle path alongside the River Main towards Frankfurt. In similar fashion to our course through Cologne, riding through Frankfurt is easy, we are simply following the River Main cycle path, which is traffic free. After traversing Frankfurt we continue to our overnight accommodation in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria which lies across both banks of the River Main.(B,L)
Cycle from Aschaffenburg to Wurzburg
54 miles (87km)
We will continue on our south­easterly track with a ride from Aschaffenburg to Wurzburg. After a week of flat terrain we now encounter some hills, the most notable of which begins in the quaint village of Waldaschaff which lies on the threshold of the High Spessart. We will now be exerting ourselves on a mile long climb out of the village with our route surrounded by the pristine woodlands of the Spessart Nature Park. For every ascent there is a descent and this one down to the town of Marktheidenfeld is exceptional, notable for the smooth surfaces of the quiet lanes and the fresh scent of the forest. The pattern for our tour should now be very familiar, a great day in the saddle enjoying some of the finest cycling in Europe before arrival into a historic town or city. Our evening in Wurzburg will be packed with things to see, such as the Marienberg Fortress, the Wurzburg Residenz, the Hofkirche and the Old Main Bridge. When the sightseeing is over we will be seeking out a traditional Bavarian hostelry to sample the local fare. (B,L)
Cycle from Wurzburg to Nuremberg
77 miles (124km)
Arriving into Nuremberg is definitely something not to be missed, the price to pay is a few extra miles. The journey from Wurzburg to Nuremberg will feature some superb cycling as we negotiate quiet lanes and cycle paths en route to this historical Bavarian city. We will be cycling through numerous small, quaint villages packed with character as we wend our way across country. At Furth we will cycle alongside the River Pegnitz that will bring us into Nuremberg.(B,L)
Cycle from Nuremberg to Regensburg
64 miles (103km)
Nuremberg to Regensburg on a bicycle has the definite ring of an adventure to it; today encompasses some fantastic cycling taking us from one of Germany’s most historical cities to one of the world’s most beautiful cities. As ever the order of the day for the cycling will be quiet back roads and well maintained cycle paths, the Bavarian countryside is unspoilt and the air crisp and clean. Summer sunshine, cool woodland and meadows interspersed with diminutive Bavarian villages and towns should make today’s leg of the journey something to remember for years to come. As we enter the city we will finally catch sight of the River Danube destined to be our companion for the rest of our cycle tour. (B,L)
Cycle from Regensburg to Deggendorf
52 miles (84km)
After yesterday our journey today is a very relaxed 52 miles from Regensburg to Deggendorf, which is known as the ‘Gateway to the Bavarian Forest’, however before we arrive in Deggendorf we have a glorious ride along the banks of the Danube. A river described by Napoleon as ‘the king of the rivers of Europe’ and a part of our journey to Vienna which should prove to be both memorable and spectacular.(B,L)
Cycle from Deggendorf to Passau
34 miles (55km)
As we leave Deggendorf we only have the relatively short distance of 34 miles to cycle along the banks of the Danube to arrive at our destination in Passau which the local tourist board proudly boasts as the ‘Venice of Bavaria’. The major settlement on route to Passau is Vilshofen an der Danube itself famous as the point where the rivers Vils, Wolfach and Pfudrach flow into the Danube. Whilst in Vilshofen we will see the imposing twin towers of the Benedictine Abbey Schweiklberg which dominate the town and later in the day when we arrive in Passau there will be time for a stroll around town before settling down to enjoy our Bavarian supper in a famous local beer hall. (B,L)
Cycle from Passau to Linz
58 miles (93km)
As we cross the border into Austria we will already have had hundreds of miles of exceptional cycling under our belt and what is to come can be regarded as the icing on the cake. Passau to Linz along the Danube has got to be in the ‘bucket list’ of epic bicycle rides. We will cross the German Austrian border some 12 miles from Passau and continue eastward, those of us with a keen eye will notice fortresses, once part of the Roman Empire which cling to the high ground over the river. Some are now nothing more than crumbling ruins, some privately owned and others exclusive restaurants and as we cycle into Linz, the third largest city in Austria it is worth remembering that the Romans founded the city and named it Lentia.(B,L)
Cycle from Linz to Persenbeug
55 miles (89km)
Another great day of cycling along the banks of the Danube is in prospect. After departing from our accommodation in Linz we will make progress to Sankt Georgen an der Gusen and then to Mauthausen, where we will be taking time out to visit Mauthausen Memorial Site, a place linked to the Holocaust in the Second World War before continuing onwards through Grein, Sankt Nikola an der Donau to arrive in the picturesque town of Persenbeug most famous for its castle.(B,L)
Cycle from Persenbeug to Krems an der Donau
45 miles (72km)
This is the penultimate day of our adventure with some glorious ‘Danube miles’ standing between Persenbeug and Krems an der Donau. The ride in between these two places can best be described in a single word, awesome. The nuts and bolts of the journey are simple; we will be riding through the Austrian settlements of Pochlarn, Emmersdorf an der Donau, Durnstein before arriving into Krems. With our ultimate goal of Vienna in sight and the hard work over, this should be a day to savour. As ever we will be cycling against the backdrop of the River Danube, towering escarpments, lush woodland, birdsong and bright blue skies. We will eventually arrive into Krems situated at the eastern gateway of the Wachau Valley and one of Europe’s loveliest riverscapes; it is also one of the oldest settlements in Austria. The unique cityscape in Krems ensured that in 2000 it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Before settling down for the evening we will have chance to take a walk around the old town and observe the Steiner Tor, the town’s landmark which dates back to the 15th Century and the Simandl Fountain.(B,L)
Cycle from Krems an der Donau to Vienna
51 miles (82km)
The final day of a long distance bicycle tour can offer have a bittersweet feel. The destination is in sight and the objective almost achieved but this sense of satisfaction is often tinged with a sense of sadness that the journey is almost over. After an easy, and gorgeous ride, in the late afternoon we will arrive into the vibrant city of Vienna. We’ve made it, around 930 miles under our own steam across three countries. A small band of cyclists who began the ride as strangers will have become firm friends, yet soon to disperse home. So the last day in the saddle is one to celebrate and enjoy, grab the ride with both hands and make haste to Vienna, sing and shout, laugh and cry. Live for the moment and be happy you’ve done it, you’ve cycled all the way from the Hook of Holland to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and you may never pass this way again. On Saturday evening the support crew will be on hand to assist with the housekeeping associated with checking in for flights and giving transport directions to the train station and the airport. They will also be loading the support van with your bicycles for transportation homewards. Once this has been completed we will be going to one of Vienna’s famous beer gardens in the Wiener Prater for a farewell drink and a bite to eat. (B,L)
Departure Day
Time to depart for your journey home or why not extend your stay for some sightseeing. (B)


Route & Rest Locations
Food & Refreshments Provided
Cycling Pace & Time in Saddle
Tour Guide & Support Crew


  • R. Hillen
    31 July 2018 at 20:22

    Liked the informal small experience-sharing ethos of the company. You felt looked-after and it was not too big to feel you were just a client.

    Route & Rest Locations
    Food & Refreshments Provided
    Cycling Pace & Time in Saddle
    Tour Guide & Support Crew
  • C Freeborn & D Michaud
    1 September 2017 at 09:25

    By their actions, Pedal Nation clearly wants to make their tours memorable and enjoyable for their customers. Have already recommended Pedal Nation to friends.

    Route & Rest Locations
    Food & Refreshments Provided
    Cycling Pace & Time in Saddle
    Tour Guide & Support Crew
  • T & J deBourg
    25 August 2017 at 14:59

    I was impressed by how well everything fitted together and worked so well. Janet and I both enjoyed the every aspect of the three country 924 mile adventure.
    Many thanks and well done Pedal Nation.

    Route & Rest Locations
    Food & Refreshments Provided
    Cycling Pace & Time in Saddle
    Tour Guide & Support Crew
  • R. Paddey
    19 August 2017 at 18:44

    Well organised and friendly, have already recommended Pedal Nation to friends.

    Route & Rest Locations
    Food & Refreshments Provided
    Cycling Pace & Time in Saddle
    Tour Guide & Support Crew


Route & Rest Locations
Food & Refreshments Provided
Cycling Pace & Time in Saddle
Tour Guide & Support Crew

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